Serving Local Communities

Alternative Community Solutions Economic Development Corporation (ACSEDC) was founded in 2005 for the purpose(s) of finding alternative solutions to empower economically depressed communities initially in the Greater Los Angeles Area.  Since the inception of ACSEDC, the scope of its mission has broadened to assist distressed communities throughout California. To achieve short term goals, volunteerism has always been our primary method of providing support to communities. However, ACSEDC’s long term strategy incorporates a 3-prong approach needed to reverse the economic strife common in many communities today.

Our long term strategy is comprised of three (3) phases as follows:

a)     Research:  Select a location and research the surrounding areas, specifically looking at the municipal services, types of businesses in the area, local non-profits, literacy rate, crime rate, and pregnancy rate. The goal is to determine the issues at work within the community.

b)    React:  Based on the results of the research, we work with local agencies, including but not limited to schools, churches, city economic development programs, and local redevelopment programs, to i) introduce our organization to the community ii) educate the surrounding community about the issues and iii) collaborate with other agencies to deliver much needed services.

c)   Revitalize:  Establish a center from which we implement the new programs that were adopted in the React phase of our strategy. Successful programming could include a business incubator, teen pregnancy counseling, workforce preparedness training, and a professional lecture series that centers on entrepreneurship and other topics relevant to stimulating a stagnant workforce and economy.

In today’s tough times, our distressed communities are in dire need of support. By enlisting motivated volunteers and businesses leaders, ACSEDC provides the assistance hard working, yet under-resourced, residents who live within theses communities rightfully deserve.

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